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Talking Images is a production company founded by Alejandro Tubal Garcia. Together with a multinational and multidisciplinary team he has produced short documentaries and image videos for Non-Governmental Organizations, International Aid Organizations and Development Agencies from around the world.

At Talking Images Productions we believe we have pooled together production talents from around the world with multi-facetted professional know-how. We believe in collaborating with talents from different countries and backgrounds and creating content for many different audiences.

Through our captivating cinematography and cost effective post production we can deliver an individualised end-product aimed at reaching our client’s designated audiences and leaving behind a long lasting impression.



Chronicles of Tarango – How to rewild the city’s last wild ravine (TEASER) – MEXICO

Tarango, is one of the last undeveloped wild ravines within Mexico City. An area of great environmental value (for the city and its inhabitants), which is currently struggling for its survival. 

Fortalecimiento de la Identificación Humana – MEXICO

Strengthening the Rule of Law in Mexico (EDF) Programme and its contribution to human identification activities. Produced by GIZ FED. Talking Images Film Production contribution: strategic communication design, camera and voice-over production.

In the Land of the Ingarikó – Documentary film (28 MINUTES) – BRAZIL

The principal objectives of the ICMBio expedition to Serra do Sol – Monte Roraima National Park was to monitored the flora and fauna of a national park. In an effort to understand whether parks and reserves throughout Brazil are effectively conserving biodiversity a monitoring program has been established throughout the country. This was one of the first efforts to do this kind of monitoring in an Amazonian mountain region.

German-Mexican Energy Partnership – MEXICO

Five years after the beginning of its implementation, the German – Mexican Energy Partnership (EP) has consolidated its role as a platform for dialogue and exchange between both countries concerning relevant topics for the energy sector.

Expedition to Serra do Sol – Monte Roraima National Park (TEASER) – BRAZIL

The principal objectives of the ICMBio expedition was to monitored the flora and fauna of a national park. In an effort to understand whether parks and reserves throughout Brazil are effectively conserving biodiversity a monitoring program has been established throughout the country.  This was one of the first efforts to do this kind of monitoring in an Amazonian mountain region.

ACCESS – Zayed Sustainability Prize – MALI

Integrated Solar Hybrid mini grids and Solar Home Systems transforming lives in rural Mali and West Africa.

Mali Folkecenter Nyeeta – MALI

In memorial of Ousmane Ouattara (1972 – 2020), Mali Folkecenter Nyeeta

Invitation à la Conférence sur le pouvoir communautaire, Bamako, MALI

Pre-launch video of the II World Community Power Conference: 8-10 Novembre 2018 Bamako – Mali


Community Power has the potential to boost renewable energy adoption in Africa, which has currently the lowest electrification rates and population densities in the world. The decentralised renewable resources can be matched with decentralised populations and can have a real and measurable impact on Africa’s living conditions and economic development while providing incentives allowing people to live in regions already affected by climate change.

Environmental recovery though a Waste Water Treatment Plant – EL SALVADOR

The lagoon and the river of the province of Santa Ana are highly contaminated by sewage from the town of Metapán. Several local institutions have invested resources to implement water management measures to improve the sanitary and environmental conditions and also restore the lagoon of the city of Metapán. The Wastewater Treatment Plant in Metapán (PTAR) was at the film production time in the construction phase.

McEarth – ein Selbstbedienungsladen? Greenpeace – GERMANY

Ein Wandelkonzert mit Musik, Theater und Tanz zum Welterschöpfungstag, Donnerstag 16. Mai 2019, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland.

100 Jahre Freunde und Förderer der Goethe Universität – GERMANY

Im Jahr 2018 feiert die Freunde und Förderer der Goethe Universität feiern 100-jähriges Jubiläum und haben am 16. November die Auftaktveranstaltung zur ihrem Jubiläumsjahr. Auf der Veranstaltung sollte einen kleinen „Image-Film“ gezeigt werden, der durch inspirierende Videogrüße der vielen Unterstützer der Vereinigung zeigt.

TROPICA VERDE – Supporting Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection Activities – COSTA RICA

TROPICA VERDE e.V.  was founded in the year 1989 by a group of biologists in Frankfurt as a non-profit association in order to support actions against the destruction of tropical rainforest.

For more information see:

Lesedi la Batho – South Africa

This film had been made to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Lesedi la Batho and it was presented at the 5th year celebration, which took place in October 2016 at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Lesedi la Batho is a Christian faith based NGO that seeks to inspire, empower, motivate, engage and equip the youth and the community at large through sport, education, skills training and social enterprise development, community wellness and arts & culture.

KORREKTUREN: Kunst für den öffentlichen Raum – GERMANY

In den vergangenen Monaten wurden populistische Positionen zunehmend in der Öffentlichkeit platziert. Die oft anonymen Sphären der sozialen Netzwerke, aber auch Talkshows und zum Teil der öffentliche Raum werden für Äußerungen genutzt, die offen rassistische, homosexuellenfeindliche, antisemitische, muslimfeindliche, antiziganistische und sexistische Haltungen transportieren.

Die Partnerschaft für Demokratie Frankfurt am Main fördert lokale Projekte, die zum Ziel haben, antidemokratischen Tendenzen sowie Rechtsextremismus, Antisemitismus, Antisemitismus oder anderen Formen gruppenbezogener Menschenfeindlichkeit präventiv zu begegnen.

Earth Hour 2019 – Plastic recovery action – WWF Jugend

WWF Jugend Hessen @ Earth Hour 2019. For more information see:


Passages is a game simulation and education tool developed by UNCHR to create a better understanding of the problems of refugees.

This simulation was organised by the American International School Johannesburg, South Africa as part of the 2016 Classroom Without Walls Service Learning programme.

Service Learning at Afrika Tikkun – SOUTH AFRICA

This Video is about the Service Learning Programme of the American International School in Johannesburg. In this case the students learn by servicing their skills in 4 different activities run by AFRIKA TIKKUN, a South African NGO in Diepsloot, one of the poorest townships in Gauteng.

For more information on AFRIKA TIKKUN watch under:

Refugee Center, Messstetten – GERMANY

While the refugees wait for their first documentation and clarification of their status, the German Red Cross  volunteers together with the local population support many different activities. Here is just a small sneak preview of the refugees and culture they bring with.

Kathrin Anders – Bundestagskandidatur 2017 – German Green Party – GERMANY

Kathrin Anders hat mit einem Stimmenanteil von 13,5% in ihrer Heimatstadt sehr grosser Zuspruch erfahren.

Meetse-A-Bophelo School, Mamelodi township, AISJ – Service Learning Program, South Africa

Parents and friends from the AISJ Pretoria go every two weeks to Meetse-A-Bophelo Primary School in Mamelodi East to read and interact with the learners in English.

Raise the Children International – US/South Africa

Contribution to Raise the Children International (United States of America/South Africa), with the aim of support the recruitment of new Teacher-Fellows for the school year 2017 in South Africa. For more information see:


The Team

Alejandro Garcia

Producer, Director Photography & Editor

Alejandro Tubal Garcia is an international non-fiction film producer. He embarked on documentary filming and shooting image videos for Non-Government-Organizations and international Institutions in 2015.

Before that as a Geographer he worked for many years in the field of sustainable development and international cooperation, for Non-Government-Organizations and international Institutions, predominantly in Africa, Latin America and Europe.  Due to his in-depth work experience, he advises and supports them with modern visual communicating strategies. He lives between Argentina, Brazil, Germany & Mexico.

As a producer for social and environmental organization sometimes he occupies different roles in the documentary film production, from script-writer, to camera man or editor.

Daniel Schunn

Music Composer

Daniel S. Schunn is a composer, arranger, pianist, songwriter and lives in Germany. Daniel started to works with Talking Images in 2020 and was the music composer of the documentary “Together for the Amazon”. Daniel loves exchanging ideas in the creative process and aims to develop the unique voice of a motion picture.

Listen to his music on soundcloud:


Luciano N. Naka

Natural History Film-maker & consultant

Luciano N. Naka is an ornithologist, passionate traveler and naturalist. He is currently a full-time Professor at the Federal University of Pernambuco, in northeastern Brazil. He conducts field research on birds in different neotropical biomes and often engages in long exploring expeditions to remote places in search of poorly known birds. He holds a PhD in Biological Sciences and has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles on the natural history and evolution of birds.

The paths of Luciano and Alejandro T. Garcia crossed when they were small kids in Argentina. Together, they discovered the natural wonders of their native land, becoming passionate students of natural history and fiercely defender of environmental causes in Argentina.

They now collaborate on several filming projects that envision to highlight environmental problems in Brazil and to disseminate the results of research groups in South America.

Franco Pellegrini

Songwriter and Music Producer

Franco Pellegrini is an independent songwriter, singer and instrumentalist who uses a combination of acoustic open guitar chords, guitar effects and Andean instruments in his compositions.

Franco’s music has been featured in several projects and TV shows, such as MTV and the Sportsman Channel. His first album “iNVeNTáNDoTe” is a compilation of songs written while he was living in Italy and Switzerland.

Franco joined Talking Images in 2015 and also owns an independent music company:

Amai Haukamp

Writer and Cutter

Amai Haukamp is an experienced German journalist with a long record working for Spiegel TV. Her career has largely been working as a journalist and editor for several renown broadcasting companies. In this capacity she most enjoyed sourcing topics and producing documentaries with aspects that were social and community orientated.

Her roles demanded strong communication skills and the power of persuasion and authenticity without being pushy and by taking the needs of the other into consideration i.e. when gaining interview-partners for highly sensitive TV-documentaries.  As a journalist, she thrives most during the making of documentaries, which show a development of her protagonists and initiate a process of change rather that focus on any sensationalism.

Malena García Cámara

Director of Photography Consultant

Malena is currently studying for Film at the “Universidad del Cine” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is proficient in video and film post production softwares such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut 7, Final Cut X, Assimilate Scratch, DaVincci, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.

Malena is based in Argentina and collaborates with Talking Images as a consultant on pre & post production work flow.


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